On the Road in Aruba

“It’s too commercial.” If you ever find yourself saying that while in Aruba hit pause on your thinking and consider how you might be spending your time when you travel. There's a good chance there is plenty worth discovering just a few miles from where you are. Determine to dig deeper - you just might strike travel gold .

Hilton Aruba 2.jpg

That's what we did on our most recent visit to Aruba. Our mission: stray far and wide from the hotel zones we’d come to know well over our years of traveling on business to the island. What we found was extraordinary and completely unexpected.


If you wonder if you should set off on your own while on Aruba, consider this: you can’t get lost even if you try. When you think you’ve meandered too far afield just aim your rented vehicle in the direction of shoreline and keep exploring. If you are a stickler about knowing exactly where you are at all times, download a compass or just turn on your GPS and carry on. Soon you'll be close up and personal with Arubian culture, rugged landscapes and electric blue waters. On the other side of your adventure there will be time to kick back at one of the island's exceptional resorts. 

Hilton Aruba 3.jpg

In our case home on Aruba was the iconic Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino. The resort was the first on the island and strategically built on the best stretch of beach after renowned architect, Morris Lapidus, (who also designed the Eden Roc and The Fontainebleau in Miami) carefully studied wind and tide patterns to ensure the most enjoyment for future guests.

Hilton Aruba 4.jpg

After a full day of discovery all over the island we returned to our iconic resort ready to soak in all of its luxe comforts and natural beauty. Moral of the story - always go the extra mile!