Adventure Begins on The Appalachian Trail

Sometimes you just have to hit the road to seek the adventure your soul craves. John Gordon, friend of Trading Post and one of our original customers, does exactly that. In the couple of years we've known him he's summited Kilimanjaro, explored ice caves and ice picked across glaciers in Iceland, canyoneered in Zion National Park and backpacked through Thailand.


The man has seen beauty most of us can only imagine. He's endured extreme conditions to reach those epic sights - the kind most people would choose to sidestep. Along the way, he's thrived while satisfying the craving that always hums below the surface of man, that desire to seek adventure, find it, then seek it once again.

Up next for John is The Appalachian Trail - a 2,190-mile trek that stretches from Georgia to Maine. His biggest concern on this 5-month journey? "Mice," he's said. "They can chew through everything to get to food while you sleep."

John began his next adventure on Memorial Day with a humble post on Instagram, "Here goes nothin'." The post was accompanied by a photo taken at the trailhead of him and Panita Thanatharn, a fellow adventurer who will accompany John through a section of Georgia. "My goal is to average 20 miles a day," he's said. He should reach Maine by September.

You can keep up with stories from the trail, images of The Appalachian Trail and pops of inspiration that may ignite your own desire to hit the road, by following John on Instagram, at gordo_unchained.