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Motocycle Company Parma Italy / U.S.A. M Bag


Notes from Tom Bros:

The taste and shape is American and the detail keeps it comparable to vintage....It's the dark brown color dedicated only to the closure leather bands and to the circular leather base where the official logo plate is placed. The rest of the bag is entirely black leather colored except for the double stitching adopted to create a pure aesthetic continuity with the dark brown details. A stylish product. 

The leather used to make it follows the trend of the quality. The bag in fact is fully made with 3.5mm leather thickness.

All the finishing metal stuffs are handmade in Zama.

The bag's back is very strong. It is composed by three layers (the internal and external leather parts) and between them We have the third one made of propylene 1.5 mm thickness. The result is very important because it ensures the maximum hardness in supporting the holing phase during the assembling process on the motorcycles.

Dimensions: 43.5 x 39 x 18 cm
Weight : 2.8 Kg.

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