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Notes from Tom Bros:

Motorcycle Official bag is an high quality product created by Tom Bros for all people who love to ride a motorcycle for the daily commute, but at the same time to be also very nice to follow you during all your daily activities.

Using high quality Italian leather almost 4mm thick, this grand bag is virtually indestructible and looks better the more it it used. 

On the back side you will find suede to avoid bag slide during riding. In addition, you will find the same leather also along the shoulder belt which is fully adjustable. 

Inside the bag you will find a pocket, notebook sized, and a second one is placed on the outside front part under the closure. This little pocket is crated instead to contain smaller objects like a mobile.

Water resistant leather. Treated with anti-rain, to be renewed periodically after purchase with a mink oil (available at the Trading Post by Shinola).

Try this bag and it will become your inseparable travel companion!

Dimensions: 41 x 30 x 11 cm
Weight: 2.3 Kg.

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Tom Bros Bag 2.jpg
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